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Dunhill Bruyere F/T (4) A

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The Spring issue of Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine has an article on dating Dunhill pipes. They also give a link where you can order a.

While out hunting, the Prince of Wales had lost some pipes and wanted to know if anyone had found them. What was their distinguishing feature? A white spot inserted on the upper side of the dark stem. The announcement, which was placed in London newspapers in , did not specify the name of the pipe manufacturer, but this was in fact not necessary as most people were already familiar with the trademark.

Now the pipe had an eminent, new testimonial. Alfred Dunhill first had the idea of inserting a white spot on pipe stems in for practical reasons. Although Dunhill was brilliant at marketing his products, he certainly did not think of this as a possible trademark. Indeed, in he had to go to court to defend his original creation. In Dunhill pipes at that time the white spot was a thin, round ivory circle inserted into the stem, but today this is made of high-grade acrylic. Introducing the white spot was just one way Alfred Dunhill revealed his special knack for inventing things.

Going from a harness business to pipe maker in a few years meant that he not only tried to glean all he could in pipe making, but he also tested his ideas. It is not known how many trials were carried out, or whether any were unsuccessful, but the successful results contributed to the birth of the legendary Dunhill pipes.

Help with Dating a Dunhill

Three year matured virginia. All pipe smokers think of virtually all major blenders date on dunhill tins? Today for pipe tobacco tins as pipestud says.

Help dating Dunhill pipes from ’50s and ’60s. A couple months ago, I had the fortune to purchase a set of 24 pipes from a thrift store for $ The set came from.

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Privacy Terms. Christian Pipe Smokers Skip to content. Quick links. Help please, in identifying a Dunhill pipe Pipe and other hardware related discussions.

Starting in the early s, Dunhill pipes, with their distinctive “White Spot” logo, provided stamped coding that allows accurate dating of the individual pipe.

Nice Prince of Wales Pipe. Alls in order! At about this same time a one year guarantee against defects was offered on the bowl of each pipe, and to insure against far older Dunhill pipes being replaced under this guarantee a simple dating code, showing the year of manufacture, was devised and stamped onto each pipe bowl. This code is still in use today.

Over the ensuing years great interest has arisen over the “mystique” of the Dunhill pipe in general and the dating code in particular. Pipe collectors, especially in America, pride themselves on having acquired Dunhill pipes in prime condition which were made in the ‘s, ‘s and ‘s.

Yet Another Request for Dunhill Dating Help

A tobacco pipe , often called simply a pipe , is a device specifically made to smoke tobacco. It comprises a chamber the bowl for the tobacco from which a thin hollow stem shank emerges, ending in a mouthpiece. Pipes can range from very simple machine-made briar models to highly prized hand-made artisanal implements made by renowned pipemakers, which are often very expensive collector’s items. Pipe smoking is the oldest known traditional form of tobacco smoking. Some Native American cultures smoke tobacco in ceremonial pipes , and have done so since long before the arrival of Europeans.

Other American Indian cultures smoke tobacco socially.

I was contacted by a pipe friend a little while ago to see if I would be interested in sprucing up an estate pipe he had recently won on eBay. Of course I said yes!

Alfred Dunhill Pipes This is a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute if you are a Dunhill expert or knowledgeable enthusiast. For the everyday smoke what more is there to say than this, that it is, in its essence the Pipe of Peace? This idea we find embodied in the folklore of simple peoples one example of which is the story taken down by Mr. According to this tale an adventurous young Bushongo named Lusana Lumunbala had fared forth into the outer World and was lost to his tribe for many years.

He returned suddenly and after much feasting, he was asked what treasures he had found. The traveler searched in his bag and produced from it some dried leaves of tobacco and a little packet of seeds. What good is this weed to us? Lusana Lumunbala smiled. But one of them, more courageous than the others, asked him to let him try this Wonderful weed and taking the pipe inhaled a big whiff of smoke.

He was taken with a violent fit of choking and fell to the ground gasping for breath. When he recovered he abused the traveler, and threatened him with his fist.

Dunhill “Patent” Pipes

Display all pictures. Briar pipe handmade by Dunhill. Classic design, perfect architecture.

Posts about dunhill pipes and dive right back to show you have more! More definitive dating dunhill tins is the where and follow this tin pipe tobacco. For dating.

No marque has garnered as much attention over the decades as the Dunhill pipe. The quality of the pipes is well known, but I suspect the major reason for the wide interest amongst more recent collectors is the simple fact that Dunhill, unlike most pipe makers, have, from the very early days, provided stamped coding that allows accurate dating of the individual pipe. At some point, I’ll add some more details about the date codes, but for now, enjoy the photos!

Shape 48 saddle bulldog in Root finish. This is a particularly nice example of both the shape and the finish. Root 47 from top [in my opinion the quintessential straight bulldog cut] Bruyere bottom and Tanshell 47 right. The is one of the rarest Dunhill shapes I’ve encountered, and look at that grain! I’ve only seen one other in this shape, a Gr. The Tanshell is a Gr.

Dating pipe tobacco tins

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This is a great reference for patent pipes and dates as well as speciality shapes. Would be a perfect edition to a Dunhill Pipe Enthusiasts reading collection.

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Tobacco pipe

Originally published in Pipe Smoker, Winter , with a part of the guide re-published in the Spring issue of Pipes and Tobaccos. Republished here by permission of the author [1]. Please note: Scanning the text from the original article has presented problems, some of which I have not been able to solve. Much of the spacing in this presentation is not as intended.

Alfred Dunhill began to manufacture briar smoking pipes in ; the famous white spot first appeared on top of the hand-cut vulcanite mouthpiece in in order that the customer should know which part faced upwards. At about this same time a one year guarantee against defects was offered on the bowl of each pipe, and to insure against far older Dunhill pipes being replaced under this guarantee a simple dating code, showing the year of manufacture, was devised and stamped onto each pipe bowl.

Briar pipe handmade by Dunhill. This concern for marking and always having patent numbers on pipes is what allows for much of the dating process today.

We all know that pipe smoking is supposed to be a relaxing activity. But sometimes, whether it’s the environment, the pipe, the tobacco or a host of other things, your smoking session turns into an hour of frustration. So we bundle up in the winter, find an overhanging roof when it’s raining out, or swelter in the summer heat. Your favourite pipe may not smoke the same when outside in the cold, with the lower temperatures creating excessive condensation in the shank and stem, necessitating judicious pipe cleaner activity.

My beloved Old Boy pipe lighter hates the colder temperatures, and refuses to light in even a gentle breeze. Wind can cause your tobacco to burn faster and hotter, changing ruining? The wind can blow ash and embers all over your hands and clothes, burning small holes here and there. Once in a while you’ll find yourself with a delicious tobacco blend but due to the cut or moisture level the tobacco has a hard time burning. Flake tobaccos often will expand on lighting your pipe, so a perfectly packed pipe can quickly become too tight, frequently go out, and frustrate the smoker.

I had a broken flake tobacco once that took forever to get lit, provided a thin but tasty smoke, and always threatened to go out if not coaxed along constantly with pipe tamper and extra re-lights. If I took the pipe from my lips for more than a minute, the fire was sure to die. This was not a relaxing smoke.

Do your best to buy quality pipes, that is, pipes that are constructed properly with an unrestricted draw, open mouthpieces, and well cured briar.

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As estates these pipes seem to have extra value. What was patented? Why was this discontinued? Yes, I did a search but found only one thread that didn’t answer the question. Patent pipes are those which have the patent numbers stamped on them. They stopped printing the patent number on them in the mid’s.

I’ve read through the various guidelines for dating Dunhill pipes and remain unsure about how to distinguish the s pipes from the s.

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