Outcome Independence – Why you can easily get girls when you don’t care!

You might say no, but science says yes. Here’s how to break your addiction and start feeling better right now. She was the classic good girl. Well educated, conservatively dressed, and immaculately put together with perfectly white teeth and nails to match. You know the type. An hour later her clothes were strewn across the room, while her heavy breasts pressed against my chest. Such is the power of outcome independence, one of the most important fundamentals that you need to master when it comes to dating, or getting an ex back. Put simply, outcome independence is something you must master if you want to take it to the next level. If something happens, great. I prefer to look at outcome independence as the confidence you have in yourself that you can find other options to replace what you stand to lose.

Outcome Independence Levels In Relationships

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Previously married women wanted to remain independent and often viewed were not particularly interested in dating if marriage was not a probable outcome.

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Outcome independence is not what you think it is.

I do that shit all the time. Of course, it works better if you pre-qualify your girls , then build rapport, and put things in the right context, but once you do, you have a lot more options than you think. You can feed Hamster Chow to the Hamster. And heroin. Mixed together.

You’re probably frustrated that you never get the outcome you want from dates and nights out. Our guide on outcome independence will get you out of your.

The holidays are coming! You see, I always used to put a lot of pressure on myself to find a girlfriend in time for the holidays. Eventually, I started having more luck talking to women when I stopped asking myself that question and started asking this one:. The first question asks how to make yourself appear outcome-independent, and the second question asks how to actually become outcome-independent.

You cannot fake being outcome-independent. Women can spot that type of inauthenticity a mile away. After all, what if she turns you down? This can be any activity or hobby that you would genuinely enjoy doing by yourself on a Saturday night, just in case she does turn you down. Some examples of Awesome Alternatives that I always used are…. You see, none of these are anything super complicated. Just fun, simple little activities that I genuinely enjoy doing.

Feel free to steal my Awesome Alternatives or pick your own.

Not Being Outcome Dependent with Women: How Most People Get It Wrong and What To Do Instead

That being said, can OI go too far? Early in my evolution, I was guilty of this myself. If you let your OI go completely out of control, you will start being an asshole with women and start shooting your mouth off on first dates about whatever comes into your head. In addition, happy, low-drama relationships of any decent length are going to be near impossible for you. In terms of men already in relationships, can OI go too far? This is the extreme beta male or fallen Alpha Male 1.

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That result could be:. The idea is that women can sense when you have an agenda. Instead, you should try to enjoy the moment for what it is and not care so much about what she thinks or does.

So how can one be outcome independent, and yet still work so hard on something When she suggested she was getting tired and ending the date I just said it.

Anyone who engages so to say on an approach to a personally desirable woman is not truly indifferent of the outcome. If not for any other reason than ego-supporting purposes, no matter how much abundance there is or how tight the inner game. The sense of not seemingly giving a shit about the outcome and rolling on then gives that person the value and frame that draws the interest and at the same time also as an experience helping to nurture the inner game further.

Phinn: I think so too. But alphas are nothing if not goal-oriented. That includes but is not limited to the occasions when a woman rejects him sexually. We constrict ourselves, and are no longer authentic and spontaneously present.

Catalan declaration of independence

Research over the last 20 years has provided an increased understanding of intimate relationships in later life; however, dating in later life remains largely unexplored. The purpose of this study was to examine the meanings of dating for women in later life. In this study, dating was examined through semistructured, in-depth interviews with 14 women ages 64 to 77 who had all dated in later life.

In the dating context, being outcome independent means that one is not emotionally attached to the outcome of the dating. Instead, one simply.

How do you not have your entire sense of self worth riding on if you have a good or bad night? We all have different psychological make-ups. There is no right or wrong, only what is best for you. I know when I first got onto this path myself, I was never as interested in one particular girl as I was the whole process, I just wanted to be awesome. By that I mean, happier in myself, more confident, more chatty — simply, a man who was successful with women.

Not for any kinda of validation, but for my own personal freedom. And I was blessed to realise early on that the value of the lessons that I would have to go through, good and bad, would far surpass what I would get from just meeting a girl. So the girls that I spoke with or met during those formative years were merely stepping-stones for me.

Outcome Independence; or, Not Missing a Beat

The declaration did not receive recognition from the international community. On 10 October, in the aftermath of the 1 October Catalan independence referendum , a document establishing Catalonia as an independent republic was signed by the members of Catalonia’s pro-independence parliamentary majority. The Law on the Referendum on Self-determination of Catalonia contained the provision that, in case of an outcome in favour of independence, independence was to be declared within 48 hours after all votes were counted.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont confirmed this on October 3 during an exclusive interview with the BBC, saying “we are going to declare independence 48 hours after all official results are counted”. Puigdemont was widely expected to declare the independence of Catalonia, which led to worldwide coverage of the parliament session. After saying that he considered the referendum valid and binding, Puigdemont chose to use the wording “I assume the mandate of the people for Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic”, before adding that he would “ask Parliament to suspend the effects of the declaration of independence so that in the coming weeks we can undertake a dialogue”.

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Visit cdc. The relationship between children and their parents or caregivers such as guardians, aunts and uncles, or grandparents is one of the most important relationships in a child’s life, often lasting well into adulthood. In adolescence, this relationship changes dramatically as youth seek increased independence from their families and begin to make their own decisions. With increased independence comes the possibility of increased risk, both positive and negative, and teens need parents or caregivers to help them navigate the challenges that adolescence presents.

Though some amount of conflict between adolescents and their parents is normal, 1 , 2 adolescents still rely on parents or caregivers to provide emotional support and set limits, both of which are linked to positive adolescent development. Just as close parent-child relationships are linked to the healthy development of adolescents, 5 positive parenting behaviors are linked to increased parent-child closeness. There are many positive parenting techniques for parents who want to build stronger parent-child relationships.

These tips also can be used by siblings, other family members, and other caring adults who are influential figures in adolescents’ lives.

How Do You Stay Outcome Independent?

Because sending a duplicate message to the same woman every month WILL increase your odds of a response…. Quite frankly, I have no time to have anything other than fun until I graduate my masters program. Last weekend, we had a good time at a wine bar, which led to the inevitable. Repeat promptly asked for a follow-up date for this weekend. I agreed.

Apollonia Ponti is an experienced dating coach who can help your love life! to work a lot more on outcome independence (in all things, not just relationships).

Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news: you can make a change. Well, if you do something only hoping for a certain result, then you are an outcome dependent person. You value the end more than the process, of which you may just be completely oblivious. When I sat down with him afterwards, he asked me how it was. I was dumbfounded. After all, I was out learning how to become a better man!

It was all about discipline and results, results, results! You feel like a loser and get angry at them for rejecting you all the time. But seriously, think about it: who cares?!

Releasing attachment to Outcome